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No-code Edge AI Platform and AI Applications to Optimize the Enterprise

Guise AI unlocks the potential of distributed edge with its no-code platform and AI/ML applications. Point-and-click to manage any edge workloads in a secure manner at scale with Guise EdgeOps platform. Monitor and optimize workload performance with retraining on data collected entirely at the edge. Leverage our powerful suite of AI applications to enhance efficiency and performance of operations. 

Moving AI at the Edge
from aspirational
to accessible

Optimize your enterprise with a completely edge-based solution running where data is generated, not far away in the data center or cloud. Get more out of your physical assets by modernizing at the edge.

Guise EdgeOps platform is the single pane of glass for enterprises to acquire and process data and deploy, manage, and monitor distributed workloads, operating entirely at the edge. A first-of-its-kind no-code platform putting the edge at your fingertips.


Guise AI's proprietary models perform inferencing at the edge adding a layer of intelligence in an efficient, affordable and secure manner solving current bottlenecks and providing the foundation for growth.


Layer of Intelligence

From the field to the facility, Guise AI is pushing the boundaries of what is possible at the edge with our state-of-the-art AI software for predictive maintenance, improved asset utilization, process optimization, and automated visual inspection. These models are optimized to run on small, ruggedized devices in resource constrained environs. 

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Wind turbine

Real-time Information

Data at the edge isn't new, the ability to transform it into a layer of intelligence for existing equipment and the growing number of IoT devices is. We build efficient, accurate and secure AI/ML software solutions running at the edge, giving our customers the power to transform their streaming data into actionable analytics.

Scale the Edge

The modern enterprise requires a single pane of glass for its edge devices and applications. Guise EdgeOps is revolutionizing the industry providing a comprehensive view of the enterprise in a no-code environment. Finally, customers can deploy, manage and monitor their Edge workloads in a secure environment with no additional IT personnel.


We partner with the biggest and best companies in the world to bring our customers cutting-edge turnkey solutions to transform their enterprise at the edge.

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